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Maximising marking – Afternoon INSET 1

With an ever increasing workload and marking becoming high on teachers agendas, is there a way to provide effective marking which is also time efficient?  In our first afternoon INSET, Brookfield teachers discussed that very question.

[divider ]Polly Williams[/divider]

Time management and organisation of purposeful marking – Polly Williams

Organisation and time management of marking

1. Managing/prioritising workload – assessment/class notes.  This would include fitting it into your time – use of a monitoring sheet; and fitting with PPAs etc.
2. Speed: eg taking books in open; only commenting on THAT piece of work; linking comments to an LO.
3. Ensuring marking is purposeful: general feedback at start of following lesson (linked to the LO), followed by ‘purple pen’ time – which could include ‘own starting point’ intervention ‘Act’ tasks.
4. Tick n flick monitoring of books and half term/every now and then comments.

[divider ]Jenny Swan[/divider]

Consistency : Marking as part of a holistic approach – Jenny Swan

A consistent holistic approach, informed by band descriptors. I use band descriptors to inform lesson objectives, tasks, verbal feedback as well as marking and peer marking.

I use green pen to show the skill that they are demonstrating and red pen to show the skill that they need to work on, this means that I write very little, but they have a very clear understanding of how to make progress.

I also use the red pen to ask “HOT questions” to challenge them further or draw a skill out of them. I find asking questions is easer for them to respond to than an instruction.

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Maximising marking – Owain Hoskins

Owain has blogged about his approach to marking which can be found here.